What’s your purchasing style?

Are you a Pinterest browser, a showroom visitor or a brochure collector? Whichever of these is your style of information gathering and decision making that’s OK. We all have different ways of researching and reaching our final decision, some consumers are quick to make a decision, others need time to peruse their options touching the fabric and creating mood boards. The decision-making process is different for everyone but start with the end in mind picturing your family in your ideal space and work your way back from there.

A purchase such as a new Rotpunkt kitchen is a long-term decision which needs to stay fresh for fifteen years or more and as such it’s important to seek advice from the experts. Any reputable kitchen supplier should visit your home and spend time with you, understanding your lifestyle and how your kitchen space works for you and your family. From a simple conversation your professional should be able to advise what will and won’t work for you with the space you have available and within your budget. By having a good choice of options, colours, styles and textures your new space will build around you to become the oasis you desire  ~ Design your dream.